Gospel Presentation by Caleb Meakins [#Gospel #GospelPresentation #CalebMeakins]

Caleb Meakins is a social entrepreneur, passionate about the transformational role business plays in Africa.

Caleb is half Ethiopian, half British and returned back to Ethiopia 3 years ago to create opportunities and contribute to the country’s rapid growth.

Caleb leads Mella (www.mellaethiopia.org), a platform that exists to fuel entrepreneurship in Ethiopia and the African continent, by empowering youth to play their part in creating 1,000s of jobs, employing hundreds of thousands of people in the coming years.

Caleb is Co-Founder of Bake & Brew (www.bakeandbrewaddis.com), a multipurpose space in Addis Ababa; home to a modern coffee house, eatery and co-working space.

Caleb is also Founder of RALA MEDIA (www.ralamedia.com), an ad agency serving clients like Ethiopian Airlines and managing platforms like ‘Ethiopia in Me’ (www.facebook.com/Ethiopiainme) and My 40 Days (www.my40days.co.uk).

Caleb previously has been invited, on two occasions, to be a TEDx speaker.

Caleb is a WEF Global Shaper in the Addis Ababa Hub.

Previous to moving, Caleb founded the Ethiopian Entrepreneur’s Association which is primarily engaged in catalysing diaspora led investments into Ethiopia.

Caleb regularly speaks to senior leaders within business and government on the challenges and opportunities involved in investing in Ethiopia.

Caleb has a Masters degree in Civil Engineering from Loughborough University.

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