Big Story Gospel Presentation [#Gospel #GospelPresentation #BigStory]

Big Story Gospel Presentation [#Gospel #GospelPresentation #BigStory]

Big Story Gospel Presentation is based on material from True Story by James Choung.

Part 1:
Designed for good

In the Christian worldview, God created a good, wonderful world. In the beginning, everything was right with each other.

But what happened to this good world? How did we get to where we are today?

Part 2:
Damaged by evil

When God was in charge, we had a wonderful world. But we wanted to be in charge so that all of it 3⁄4 creation and everyone in it 3⁄4 could be used for our own benefit instead of its intended design and purpose to serve each other. It became all about us.

Where have you seen damage in your own life or the lives around you?

Part 3:
Restored for better

But God loved the world too much to leave it this way.

The good news: the revolution has begun, and we’re all invited. Jesus came to restore the world and everything in it for better.

Part 4:
Sent together to heal

Jesus wants us to join this resistance movement against evil, to go out and heal the world.

We do not go alone, but with the power of God’s Spirit and the community of God’s people with us. He’ll be with us.

Part 5:

We cannot go straight to the last circle. We need to become the kind of good we want to see in the world. In everything we do, we bring all that we are to it 3⁄4 our motivations, our instincts, our actions. We are all damaged too, and we need healing before we can really heal around us.

Jesus does that the best. By trusting Jesus, and giving Jesus leadership over our lives, we can become the kind of good we want to see around us.

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